Windrush Words: The Invitation

There seems to be some confusion

An historical false conclusion

As to why The Windrush Generation

Had a sudden inclination

To leave the sun

          To cold, cold ‘inglan

From 1948 to ‘71


News  reporters  from the past

And until today

Tend to run up their mouth and

continuously say

That Caribbean people

Came all this way

In search

          of a better life here!


For a better life is partly true

But what I want to say to you

Is that I take issue and want to


The stimulus that brought them to


The details need to be


They came, because…

they were invited.

Let me recap,

Because I like to be exact,


The motivation,

The stimulation

Was a

Post-war Declaration


That Britain,

The Motherland

                         NEEDS YOU!

So they answered the call

and travelled,

            with personal dreams too

Let historical detail

Hereby be righted.


Crossed sea and ocean to Britain,


        they were


Windrush Words spotlights creative writing from the Windrush generation and provides a platform for sharing experiences, reflections and stories in poetic and literary form.

This poem was written by Sheba Montserrat, a choreographer, host, performance poet and stand-up comedian. Sheba performed 'The Intention' as part of a trilogy of works at St Michaels Church this Windrush Day.

As a lover of people, Sheba is able to take observations and social concerns from the stage into workshops and debate forums, to stimulate discourse as well as entertain audiences.