Windrush Words: FREEDOM FOR ME

Freedom what does it mean?

Free like a bird, free like a seed blowing in the breeze

Freedom from the jailor's keys

Free from injustice,

Freedom of speech,

Free as the fish that swim in the sea

But even if we had no restrictions, no chains, no boundaries, no immigration?

Would we truly be free at all?

Freedom, the power to act, speak or think as one wants, without hindrance or restraint!

Can we fully do this without compliant from our own moral compass or those we might offend?

Freedom has been fought for freedom has been taken

Freedom is power not to be forsaken.

Come over and live a life that is free, free work, free homes, a better life don’t you agree?

Am I now a British citizen?

Well to a degree

Don't be too hasty, let's wait and see

Freedom filled with controversy.

Windrush Words spotlights creative writing from the Windrush generation and provides a platform for sharing experiences, reflections and stories in poetic and literary form.

This poem was written by Emily Lewis, a Private Therapeutic Counsellor, founder and owner of IFM Therapeutic Counselling, Lead Facilitator of Black Women’s Therapeutic Group, Founder & Lead Facilitator of ‘Let’s Talk Black’ weekly therapeutic groups for black men and women, Volunteer Counsellor and Therapeutic Play Practitioner.

Emily is passionate about the mental health & well-being of Black people and people of colour, so much so she decided to set up online Therapeutic support groups for Black men and women. Emily also supports individuals with long term complex and chronic conditions, which stems from her own personal experience of having a long term chronic and complex health condition such as lupus.