Thomas J Price's Sculptures: Scanning Participants

For the Hackney Windrush Art Commission, artist Thomas J Price actively involved Hackney's local residents in his making process and the final outcome for his permanent Windrush sculptures.

With Veronica Ryan's sculptures, 'Custard Apple (Annonaceae), Breadfruit (Moraceae), and Soursop (Annonaceae),2021' unveiled last year on the Narrow Way, Thomas J Price's sculptures are set to be installed this year outside Hackney Town Hall. These works embody Hackney's Windrush community, and have included local residents from the very beginning.

Last May over 30 Hackney Residents were invited to a studio in Upper Clapton to be 3D scanned for Thomas' works. These participants who ranged from 25years old to 90 years old, came down to the studio. where they met with Thomas J Price to speak about the works, and have their scanned bodies inform the final sculptures that are to be permanently installed in the borough.

Cecilia Beckett, 71 years old

“I think that it is a very amazing project, the idea of the scanning was something fantastic and I really enjoyed the day. I can’t wait to see the sculptures, they will be beautiful!”

Cecilia Beckett came to Hackney in 1965 from Barbados, and has lived in the borough ever since. Her father, Harold Beckett a famous jazz player who played the trumpet and was internationally recognised as a musician. Cecilia has strong roots in Hackney and has for many years been a formative member of Hibiscus Dance Group, who based in Hackney dance a range of genres including jazz, gospel, modern dance and folk. Cecilia has shared her experiences of being of the Windrush generation with Thomas J Price, when being scanned as well as in a short film made by the director Olivia Lifungula.