National Windrush Day in Hackney: A Day To Remember

This National Windrush Day (2022) began with the press preview of Thomas J Price's Hackney Windrush Art Commission, 'Warm Shores' 2022. These two momentous figures of a young man and elderly woman whose title is an ode to the Warm shores of the Windrush generation, were well received by press and public; with national and local press covering these wonderful new additions to Hackney's vibrant public spaces and crowds thronging round these towering figures.

These figures which are an amalgamation of local Hackney Windrush residents and their descendants came about through a thorough 3D scanning process, undertaken by Thomas J Price at a local studio space in Hackney. With 30 residents attending the studio over a course of 4 days, the particpants ranged from 26- 90 years old, and the final figures now standing proudly outside of Hackney Town Hall, are a combination of the stance, attitudes, gestures, and body parts of this intergenerational group of residents, with stories told by these individuals, also informing and shaping the figures we see today.

The launch that took place at Hackney Town Hall, invited these same participants back, with friends, family, council staff, funders and a notable appearance from Diane Abbott, taking to the stage to reflect on the ongoing Windrush scandal and the victims it continues to effect. Scanning participant Sonia Cummings also reflected on her role in the project, as well as Mayor Philip Glanville, Cllr Carole Williams, the Director of Create Marie Bak Mortensen and finally the artist himself Thomas J Price.

This permanent work alongside Veronica Ryan's Custard Apple (Annonaceae), Breadfruit, (Moraceae) and Soursop (Annonaceae) 2021 are the first permanent works celebrating and honouring the Windrush generation.

The Hackney Windrush Art Commission is supported by Art Fund and the Public Programme is supported by Freelands Foundation