Halina Edwards, A Place For Everyone

This Windrush day sees the unveiling of Halina Edwards’ textile artwork outside Vogue Fabrics in Dalston. With the slogan “A home for everyone”, Edwards’ work celebrates Hackney’s inclusivity with bright design. Hung at a height, the work emulates a flag, a key aspect of the piece’s accessibility, allowing it to be appreciated by all and forming a landmark-like presence. 

Edwards’ flags have formed a key part of her practice, previously celebrating her Caribbean heritage: born in Jamaica and raised in the UK. This work interweaves her current practice with the rich culture of the borough, celebrating identity through textiles, her slogan and her visual map of Hackney, championing a powerful sense of community and belonging. Bringing together Hackney and its Windrush heritage beautifully and integrating it as part of the borough’s skyline, this work is to be enjoyed as a destination in its own right as well as part and parcel of one’s commute and musings through Hackney’s streets. 

About Halina Edwards

Halina Edwards is a London based designer and researcher, predominantly focusing on the movement and mobilisation of the Caribbean diaspora. With her research centering both the Caribbean and UK perspective her practice is intrinsically linked to her own cultural identity. Edwards is currently Leas Designer at The Black Curriculum and her work has been exhibited at the 198 Contemporary Art & Learning Centre in collaboration with Afropunk, as well as being showcased at London Fashion Week

This project is part of the Hackney Windrush public programme curated by Create London in partnership with Hackney Council, supported by Freelands Foundation.