Hackney Museum: Caribbean Hackney

Following the cyber attack on Hackney Council, Hackney Museum has worked hard to recover the files that were lost during this unfortunate period. With a huge archive dedicated to Hackney's Caribbean community, they are thrilled to announce the recovery of a large portion of this impressive multidisciplinary archive. From oral testimonies, protest posters, clothing to miscellaneous domestic objects such as the revered paraffin lamp all this is now able to view on the Hackney Museum website under 'Caribbean Hackney'.

From an edit of a oral history with Kenrick Hanson who moved to Hackney from Jamaica in 1962 and was Mayor of Hackney 1984-85 to the exciting film 'Strike a Pose' telling the amazing story of the 40,000 negatives donated to Hackney Archives and the unique stories they tell with more recent pieces such as the documentary made to celebrate the naming of BRAFA Square there is so much to explore!

Here in Hackney we know and understand the importance of history, with preserving it being one thing and accessibility another hugely important aspect of the way we showcase our archive. We are extremely proud of this important work that wad undertaken to return these histories to the public realm both in the borough and beyond!

Feel free to check out the website and share amongst family and friends this Black History Season.