'Being African in Hackney'

We are pleased to announce that our 'Being African in Hackney' film is ready and available for you to use in your classrooms. The film was designed and delivered by poet Theresa Lola, in collaboration with Hackney Museum staff and is adapted from the workshops that Theresa has co-written for Hackney Museum.

Through watching this film, pupils will be inspired by objects and stories from the exhibition to write poetry about their identity. Theresa will also share some poems that she has written, inspired by the 'Being African in Hackney' exhibition.

Alongside the film, you will receive a 'Document Pack', which pupils will be asked to refer to throughout the film.

The film has been designed for upper KS2 pupils, however we hope that all students will find inspiration from the objects and stories from our 'Being African in Hackney' exhibition and from hearing Theresa share her poetry.

How can I access the film?
To access the film please complete a Being African in Hackney film request form available here.
If you would like further information, please email museumbookings@hackney.gov.uk