From the Congo to Morocco, Ethiopia to the Ivory Coast, African cuisine is all about rich, complex and deeply developed flavours attained using a myriad of fresh ingredients and spices. Join vegan chef, TV & radio personality, author and master herbalist Nena Ubani, aka Duchess Nena, on a journey through West African food. Take home invaluable knowledge, important stories and ideas on how to experiment with authentic African spices and recipes at home.

Nena teaches West African cuisine year round at Made in Hackney. Her classes are always sought after with many of our participants quoting her as one of the most lively and cherished teachers to cook and learn with.

In Celebration of Black History Month, Dutchess Nena opens the narrative, colours, textures and ingredients to explore and encompass a diverse range of foods that are split between its 16 countries, providing colour, flavour and excitement like none other.

This Masterclass includes:

  • Explore the spices, textures, and aromas of West African stews learning how to cook Jollof rice and twisting it into a mouthwatering baked Jollof arancini
  • Learn how to make an authentic plant-based version of a popular West African dish: Egusi soup and learn everything about this amazing ingredient (melon seeds)
  • Make attieke, a fermented cassava staple that can be a tasty substitute for rice or pasta
  • Learn how to make a wonderfully refreshing and health-boosting Nigerian mocktail, Zobo drink featuring hibiscus (zobo) and fresh pineapple
  • Learn from Nena, a master herbalist, how to use and where to source African spices as she explains the health benefits of traditional spices and of fermented foods
  • Enjoy the fruits of your West African creations in a tasty plant-based lunch (and there will be plenty to take home too) with spiced plantain energy balls to dazzle you for a unique treat
  • Recipe pack and class notes will be provided to recreate the dishes again and again at home
  • Kick start a fun-filled culinary journey through African cuisine without getting on a flight!
  • Enjoy your time learning, cooking and meeting others interested in a plant-based lifestyle at Liberty Hall, with views of leafy Clapton Common to accompany your experience


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